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Does this look like you when you come home to discover that your home has been totally destroyed by your husband or kids? The carpet needs vacuuming, floors need mopping, and the garbage hasn't been taken out. After a long stressful day at work, wouldn't it be nice to enter your home without wanting to kill your spouse and kids?

I've spent a large portion of my career in the housekeeping and maid service industries and have seen pretty much all there is to see. I've cleaned hotel rooms, houses, trailers, appartments and professional offices. In short, if you name it, I've probably cleaned it.

My services are quite simple: I offer the best residential and business cleaning services you can find, period. I don't hide behind a big franchise name to bring in business; they're too expensive and my commitment to you says more about my services than a large well known franchise name. In short, my livelyhood solely depends on your satisfaction. If my work isn't better than my competitors for a reasonable price, you should throw me out on my ear.

I am dedicated to each and everyone for whom I have the privilege to work. When I work for you, I dedicate my attention to the smallest of details.

Call me for a free in home estimate. I will be glad to meet with you, give you an estimate and schedule a first cleaning.

I offer weekly, biweekly, and other scheduled cleaning services to match your schedule and needs.

I am bonded and insured for extra peace of mind. It's just not worth it anymore to have an uninsured person clean your home and worry about bringing her kids, breaking something, or worse yet, falling, getting hurt and owning your home as a result of a lawsuit.

I believe in the American way of entrepreneurship and capitalism; above all I am a passionatly devout Christian with strong moral values. If you want the best home or office cleaning service in the Triangle, just give me a call; you will not be disappointed.

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